Meet Priceless

I’m Here For The Legacy, Nothing More Than That
— Priceless
S Da Don Picture.jpg

Therapy Session Photoshoot, 2017



Informally known as S Da Don, The Brooklyn area MC performs under the moniker Priceless a nickname he has picked up over the years of network and relationship building on the Big Apple Indie scene. Expressing himself through his lyrical content, Priceless has been performing and recording since 2008 at many of the renowned venues in New York and surrounding landscape.  Groomed in Crown Heights, he also credit Bushwick with some of the socialization which has taken place as he has developed himself both personally and professionally. Currently working on a project titled Therapy Sessions,  to date Priceless resume includes collaborative efforts with D Chamberz, Freck Billionaire, Ms.Fit, Math Hoffa, and Cortez.

My Ultimate goal is to reach legendary Status. Everybody wants that one hit, make money and leave. I want To be mentioned with the Jay Zs, Nas',and the Big Pun’s of the world. I Want To Be REMEMBERED for the right reasons.






Xyayx Studios
Que Butter & Hitman Dot / Engineers

Global Rapture

Stephan (Lumince_)

Melody & Cadence Newton
Daughters / Inspiration